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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Scalp Micropigmentation ("SMP")? 

SMP is a semi-permanent scalp tattoo that can be considered a cosmetic tattoo that mimics hair follicles. Therefore, scalp micro pigmentation gives the appearance of a low-buzzed cut head of hair or density to thinning hair. Scalp micropigmentation may benefit those with forms of alopecia, male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss,  and other forms of hair loss. SMP can also be used to disguise scarring or burns to the scalp. Contact Mane Illusions SMP for a free consultation for your hair loss help.

Who can benefit from SMP?

Anyone who has male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, all forms of alopecia, unsuccessful hair transplants, etc. Anyone with hair loss who needs help may benefit from a hair tattoo, a.k .a. scalp micropigmentation or SMP.

Am I a candidate for SMP? 

SMP can be performed on males and females, and most are candidates for the  SMP treatment. Contact Mane Illusions SMP for a free consultation to determine whether you are an SMP candidate. 

Is Scalp Micropigmentation painful? 

Some people report mild discomfort in the areas around the perimeter of the head (i.e., temple, nape, behind the ears) during the SMP session(s). However, the pain may lessen as the session progresses. 


How long does SMP take, and what is the cost of SMP? 

The number of hours of each session, number of sessions, and cost are client-specific, depending on the amount of the client's hair loss or thinning. To that end, positive SMP sessions may be achieved in 3 sessions that last 3-4 hours. Note that results may be seen after the first session. Contact Mane Illusions SMP for a free consultation. 

Does SMP look real? 

Yes, scalp micropigmentation does look real when the treatment is correctly done. See the picture gallery to see SMP before and after pictures.

How long does SMP last? 

SMP may last from 2-4 years. A touch-up can be done if your SMP begins to fade or lighten.

Does SMP damage existing hair follicles? 

No - -hair follicles are located far more deeply than the SMP pigment in the scalp. The pigment is placed in the epidermal layer of the scalp.

How much does SMP cost?

The cost of SMP treatment depends on the severity of hair loss and number of sessions needed to achieve realistic results. Contact Mane Illusions SMP for a free consultation and quote. 

Can SMP be customized to match my natural hair color?

Yes, the pigment used in SMP can be customized to match your natural hair color, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance. 

What is the healing process like after an SMP session?

The healing process is relatively quick. You may experience some redness for a few days post-treatment, but this typically subsides quickly. We provide aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing.

How do I maintain my SMP results?

Maintenance is minimal. We recommend avoiding prolonged sun exposure and using sunscreen to protect the pigmentation. Regularly moisturizing the scalp can also help maintain the appearance.

Can SMP be used to cover scars on the scalp?

SMP is an effective solution for camouflaging scars from injuries, surgeries, or hair transplants, blending them with the surrounding area.

Is SMP suitable for all skin tones?

Yes, SMP is suitable for all skin tones. We customize the pigment color and technique to match each individual's skin tone and hair color.

Can I shave my head after SMP?

Yes, you can shave your head after SMP. Maintaining a short hairstyle often enhances the natural-looking results of SMP.

Will SMP change color over time, like some tattoos do?

No, the specialized pigments used in SMP are designed not to discolor over time. They may gradually fade but will not change to an unnatural color.

What happens if I experience further hair loss after SMP

If you experience further hair loss, we can adjust the SMP treatment to accommodate the new hair loss pattern, ensuring a consistent and natural look.

Is SMP treatment reversible?

While SMP is considered semi-permanent, it can be faded or adjusted over time. However, it's essential to consider it a long-term commitment.

Can I swim, exercise, or engage in sports after SMP

Once the initial healing period is over, you can resume swimming, exercising, and other sports activities without affecting your SMP results if proper aftercare is taken.

Do you have additional questions about SMP and how it may help you?  Contact Mane Illusions to set up your free consultation. 

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